We proudly present to you M/S Zamir Enterprises, is a Leading Government recognized Job Consultants and recruiting Agency in india providing unmatched recruiting and manpower management Services and one of the few organization that has fulfilled all the conditions of a reliable Manpower Recruiting Agency.

We are driven by integrity, commitment, hard work, rewards and the zeal to excel, to provide an excellent customer focused recruitment service coupled with an intelligent, consultative and honest approach towards its clients and candidates. We maintain service levels of the highest standard to provide quick response times, search accuracy for both clients and candidates and full consultative advice.

Since the inception in 1984, our experience has helped to learn more & have provided us with a strong sense of direction towards perfection. We have reached here setting up with the dedication, devotion and honesty which is a motto of our organization, so we look forward to boost our operations in coming years. We hope that maximum information about Zamir Enterprisesl will be obtained through this brochure and it will help you to hunt for potential human resources from our organization. We are always on high to provide potential human resources and will make feel our clients as our single reason for existence.

As you search for great candidates among the vast pool of rising stars from across India, the team at Zamir Enterprises is here to meet your requirements. Our recruits traverse the globe. Our goal at Zamir Enterprises is to find the talent that you need in order to increase your profits and bring success to your organization, and it has made us one of the leading overseas recruitment agencies in the industry.

LIC NO. B-0769/BOM/PER/1000+/3814/93

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